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This Sugar Free Chocolate Spread Is a Staple in Healthy Dessert Recipes

Yes you read that correct “sugar free chocolate spread” and healthy all in the same sentence. There are many recipes that health wise people try to adjust to make sugar free or carb free. This spread is made with no sugar at all so if you need a chocolate substitute it steps in seamlessly in most cases. If you are trying it on a new recipe we recommend that you practice it in advance, but trying new recipes with this sweet spread (and tasting it) is half the fun.


We have many recipes on our site including Cheescake Squares and Protein Rich Peanut Butter cookies that have been well rated and described as addictive. Feel free to come up with new ways to use this revolutionary product and let us know if you come up with a recipe that is a hit with the crowd.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads Have Been in High Demand Across America

Although this product was popular in European countries, chocolate hazelnut spread has just gained popularity on this continent over the last decade. Many people have come to love the rich chocolaty alternative to our peanut butter spreads. Now they have even more variety to choose from, with healthy twists that make enjoying this international treat guilt free.


We offer a variety of sugar free, gluten free, and GMO free hazelnut spreads to round out your pantry with new flavors to add to your recipes, toast, and to use as fruit dips. If you have not tried Nutella because of the high fat and sugar content, give our version a try. NutiLight is made in Palm Coast, FL by the NatureFood 2010 company. We take pride in offering a healthy version of this worldwide favorite and we look forward to your reactions and recipes.

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