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Have You Been Looking for a Sugar Free Nutella?

If you are a health nut with a sweet tooth, then this version sugar free nutella may be a dream come true. NutiLight is a sugar free hazelnut spread made by the NatureFood 2010 Company in Palm Coast, FL.


Many people are rethinking their diets and choosing a sugar-free lifestyle with great results. But when it comes to the time when the sweet tooth hits, sticking to this healthy choice is hard. There are many people who find that they can stick to their nutritional plan when they have options that feed their sweet cravings. This spread hits the spot and then some.


Even people permitted to enjoy sugar in their diet still choose this healthier option because of the fact that no taste is compromised. Don't take our word for it, if you have been searching for a sugar free nutella, try a jar of NutiLight and you won't even miss those sugar carbs!

We Have The Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Alternative to Nutella You Have Been Looking For.

Don't give up on your chocolate spread if you are improving your diet. Our chocolate spread is just as good as its other brand counterparts but it is a healthier option. We use the best ingredients and offer our customers plenty of recipes and tips. You are purchasing a hazelnut product from a company who believes in what they put out there so you can feel confident in your choice. Check out our social media pages for images that will make you want to try chocolate spreads in new ways each and every week.


If your local grocery store does not carry NutiLight, we can deliver right to your door so you do not have to be without this healthy alternative to a favorite treat. And remember you can request that your grocer add us to their stock as well if you want that convenience.

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