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Did You Know We Offer a Gluten Free Chocolate Spread?

Have you just been restricted to a gluten free diet and feel like you may never enjoy your favorite snacks again? Gluten free Chocolate Spread may be the answer you have been looking for. Did you know they also make gluten free bread too? You can still enjoy your favorite sugar free chocolate spread on a piece of warm toast. See maybe this new lifestyle is manageable.


Gluten free is a way of life many people have to maintain because if they don't, the results are both painful and hazardous to their health. Many other people are cutting out gluten to improve their health for other reasons. No matter if you are required by your healthcare professional to cut out gluten or making the choice to calm your digestive issues, our chocolate hazelnut spread is not not a sacrifice you have to make.

Do You Need a Healthy Alternative to Nutella to Keep You On Your Diet Plan?

Why is Nutilight a healthy alternative to Nutella? Well it is 100% natural, sugar free, cholesterol free, and even gluten free. Nearly any one can enjoy this rich treat, even diabetics, body builders, people with celiac disease, and low carb dieters. The line is certified Kosher. The sweeteners we use are all natural, we do not add any hydrogenated oils, nor do they naturally exist in the product. We enjoy our product and take pride it the whole process of creation and production.


Try our product the next time you are considering purchasing the other less healthy alternative. We promise we won't let you down when it comes to flavor and it is an easy way to upgrade your nutrition and decrease your fat and sugar for the day. We offer dark chocolate, creamy chocolate, and peanut butter options.

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