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Could This Be Your Sweet Answer to a Keto Diet Spread

The keto diet is all the rage right now. It is an option for people who want to have fast results and still enjoy many of the same savory foods like steak, cheese, whole bodied salads, and butter. Many people do not realize that there is a sweet keto diet spread available that will not push your carbs out of a safe range for ketosis.


NutiLight is rich in flavor and sweetness but low in carbs and 100% sugar free. That's right, there is no sugar in this sweet treat. The sweeteners we use have a Glycemic index of zero because they are made entirely from plants and the chicory provides a source of fiber which is vital in a keto diet plan. Having the ability to enjoy a guilt free sweet snack while eating low carb and zero sugar means the difference between sticking to the diet and falling off the wagon for many. So enjoy your sweet hazelnut spread and keep on your keto journey.

This Low Carb Chocolate Spread is Your Next Pantry Staple For Healthy Eating

Once you try our low carb chocolate spread you will never want to be out of it in your pantry. Pantry staples are items that people consider a requirement to have a stocked larder. Often eggs, milk, cheeses, honey, meats, and flour are included in this list. Once you try our new chocolate spread in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or peanut butter you will add us to your list of necessities.


The variety of recipes you can make with chocolate spread is vast. This is why it is such a key part of a stocked pantry. You can make cookies, brownies, top ice-cream, use it as a dip, use it in place of chocolate in cheesecake, use it as a snack straight from the jar, or even eat it on bread alone. The possibilities are endless. We have even heard of adding it to chili to add a layer of flavor that elevates the dish, we will get back to you after experimenting with this recipe though. Unless you try it first.

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