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Our Keto Peanut Butter Spread Is a Great Staple to Smoothies and For Protein to Keep You Going After Your Workout

There is a new peanut butter spread on the market that people on the ketogenic diet are raving about. Our keto peanut butter spread is low carb, sugar free, high in protein, and, of course, deliciously filling. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and also fuel your next workout try our NutiLight Peanut Butter. Our Peanut Butter is full of flavor, no one would guess that it is low carb, high protein, and keto friendly.

Don't worry we will keep your low carb secret, but beware our spread is many people's happy little secret that keeps them going when they need energy on the keto diet.

Our Low Carb Protein Spread Will Make Your Busy Morning Easier

Any dietitian will recommend that you don't skip meals, and you eat in the morning to curb your appetite all day. Our low carb protein spread is a sweet way to get out the door faster. You can add it to your favorite low carb treat for a sweet twist, or even take a bite on the run for a protein hit that will keep you from indulging later.


We venture to argue that a jar of our peanut butter spread in your bag will stave of cravings all day and leave you indulging less, if you don't over do the protein hits of sweetness throughout the day. It also makes a great additive to your health shakes and midday snacks. Let us know if you have any healthy tips for keeping off cravings with high protein products or our hazelnut protein spread.

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