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Non GMO Hazelnut Spread is Spreading Across the United States Because it Also Comes in Sugar Free!

Have you been looking for a Non GMO hazelnut spread that tastes just a great as Nutella but comes in a healthy sugar free version and in a wide variety of flavors and types? Look no further than NutiLight Hazelnut Spread.


NutiLight hit the shelves and has been in demand in stores across the nation and online ever since. This is because consumers can tell when they find a quality product and this one has it all. In addition to being healthy and yummy for other reasons, it is sugar and gluten free to boot. If you know you love Hazelnut products and crave chocolate on a restricted diet, try the variety of our product that appeals to you most and discover your next must have pantry item. If you need any recipe ideas, check out our recipe page or our Facebook wall.

Indulge This Weekend With Low Carb Milk Chocolate Spread Recipes

Our low carb Milk chocolate spread NutiLight has been inspiring cooks to come up with new recipes that are low carb yet sweet and satisfying to fulfill sweet cravings during this keto craze. Since low carb living is so successful it is a good idea to find ways to stick to the plan while enjoying the best food.


This weekend why don't you try one of our low carb recipes using our low carb milk chocolate spread. You may come up with the next viral recipe idea, or you may just have a great time tasting your efforts. Either way your family will likely be grateful for the efforts. If you think you have come up with an out of this world idea, feel free to share it on our Facebook or Instagram pages, we would love to respond with our own attempt at your recipe with our great product.

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