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NutiLight is Your Non GMO Keto Spread That Offers It All

Consumers are wanting to know more and more about what is in their food and where their food comes from down to the seed. This is a great movement that makes producers have to be culturally and environmentally aware in ways that they never had to be before.


Our non gmo keto spread is wonderfully sweet, filling, healthy, keto friendly, and free from genetic modifications. Try it today if you are looking to add to your list of items you can safely buy that are both GMO free and keto diet friendly. If you come up with an original recipe that is keto friendly and makes your family want more each time you make it please share it to our Facebook wall so we can try it as well. If you are unsure about what to make with our Hazelnut chocolate spread check out our recipe page for a variety of great ideas.

Kid Friendly NutiLight is Your Sugar Free and Low Carb Spread

Your kids will love our sugar free and low carb spread NutiLight. Even kids can benefit from a little less sugar in their diets and our ingredients are the best. Our sugar free version of a chocolate hazelnut spread is a hit with all family members with a sweet tooth. Here are some kid friendly recipes to try this weekend.


Pinwheels – Take veggie wrap tortillas, add a swirl of white cream cheese, and a few lines of dark chocolate NutiLight. Wrap the rolls into a tight circle and cut into bite sized pieces for a filling sweet snack.


Hand Dippers – Add slice carrots, apples, and even celery thinly and put a generous amount of our peanut butter spread in a small dish for an easy to eat healthy treat.


Ice-cream Party – Put each hazelnut dip flavor in a dish lined up on the counter, melted slightly. Put bananas, and other fruits in row to choose from. Allow kids to dip their fruits in the melted pots before adding to ice-cream or frozen yogurt.

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