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Chocolate… we all love it; is exquisite, fabulous and unique…! We use it for dessert, for snack or simply for creativity. It is a main icon for Valentine, is an excellent ‘cheer up’ gift for friend or for you. Today, chocolates play an important role in our life, in our body and our mind. No wonder why its scientific name, Theobroma Cacao, derive from the Greek word “Food of God”

But behind all the fun, extensive research from around the world has shown us that chocolate is indeed beneficial for health.

Cacao, the major ingredient for the preparation of chocolate, contains, among many others substances, two key components; Flavonoids and Theobromine.

Flavonoid is a substance present in plants, especially cacao, which is part of the Polyphenols group. In our bodies polyphenols are knows as anti-oxidants. Medical research proved that Flavonoid can help to fight ‘free radicals’ cells, which are responsibly of many forms of cancer.

Doctors normally recommend moderate consumptions of Dark Chocolate, Red Wine and Green Tea in our diet because they are rich in Flavonoid.

Theobromine is a substance found mostly in Chocolates (Cacao) that is part of the Alkaloids family. Historically, Theobromine has been used to treat Circulatory problems, Coronary and vascular deceases. In modern medicine, Theobromine is used to treat high blood pressure.

The benefits of chocolate are countless… now imaging having the same chocolate but without sugar, or just a fraction of it.

Our products integrate the benefits of the chocolate and the advantage of consuming less or non-sugar at all.

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