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We believe it is very important to know the ingredients you are consuming in the food that you eat – especially foods that you eat on a daily basis or food you eat often. For a lot of you, our products are a favorite sweet treat for you and your family. We would like to inform you on some of the ingredients that make up our delicious products. Our ingredients work together to make gluten free products, sugar free products, etc.

One of our ingredients, erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is used as a food additive. It is sixty to seventy percent as sweet as table sugar, however it only has 0.2 kilocarlories per gram – that is practically no calories at all. The United States, for instance, labels it as having zero calories. It also does not affect blood sugar or cause any tooth decay. Since the body partially absorbs the erythirol (excreted via urine and feces) it is less likely to cause any gastric side effects due to how it is digested. Other sugar alcohols seem to cause gastric side effects for people.Erythritol and Inulin.

Erythritol is found naturally in very small amounts in grapes, melons, mushrooms, and fermented foods like wine, beer, cheese, and soy sauce. It is made by the use of plant sugars – sugar is mixed with water and then fermented into a natural culture into erythritol. The erythritol is then filtered out and it crystallizes and then dries out. The result is a powder or white granules that look like sugar.

Because of its unique properties, it erythritol is difficult to find. It is available in only select health food and grocery stories. Most people find it online – or in delicious products like ours.

Another ingredient that consists of our sweet treats is inulins. Inulins are a group of polysaccharides that occur naturally from plants. They are a type of dietary fiber that contains twenty five to thirty five percent of food energy of carbohydrates such as starch and sugar. It has characteristics that are very adaptable – the flavor can be incredibly bland to a little sweet – ten percent of sugar or a sucrose. Because it adapts so well, it can be used to replace sugar, fat, and even flour.

Inulin also has health benefits – it increases absorption of calcium and magnesium. It also promotes the growth of intestinal bacteria that is beneficial for your body. It is considered to be a form of soluble fiber and does not impact blood sugar. This makes it a plus for diabetics and others who are considered about their sugar levels. Also, it is not digested or absorbed into your stomach.

Some people use inulin for weight loss, to relieve constipation, and of course, to improve taste in food.

Both erythritol and inulin are ingredients that we feel are not only healthy, but also improve the taste of our products. They are both relatively new, with not many people knowing about them.

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