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Our tasty treats are full of many non-GMO and healthy ingredients. Two more ingredients that we use are sunflower oil and sunflower lecithin.

Sunflower oil is a non-volatile oil that is compressed from the seeds of sunflowers. The largest sunflower oil producers are Ukraine, Russia, and Argentina. It is used as an ingredient in foods (like our products), as a frying oil, and in cosmetics such as emollients. It is a mixture of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, with low levels of saturated fat. It also contains high levels of vitamin E.Sunflower Oil and Sunflower Lecithin.

The two most common types of sunflower oil are linoleic and high oleic. The linoleic sunflower oil is frequently used as a cooking oil; it has high levels of polyunsatured fat. The high oleic sunflower oils has monounsaturated fat levels of eighty percent and above.

Using sunflower oil as a cooking oil can help food to stay fresher and healthier for longer periods of time. Besides Nature Food, a number of popular snack food companies use sunflower oil in their snacks. For example, Lay’s, Ruffles, Walkers, Sun Chips, and Kettle Chips use sunflower oil in their potato chips.

Cosmetically, sunflower oil retains moisture in the skin – it is often used as a moisturizer. In premature infants, sunflower oil is used as a protective barrier that resists infections. Low birth weight infants are highly susceptible to infections because of their underdeveloped skin – the sunflower oil barrier helps fight this.

Although it is not proven in the medically community, some people use sunflower oil to improve oral health. These individuals swish sunflower oil in their mouth because of their belief that it will improve their oral health. It is also known to decrease the chance of cardiovascular diseases and a heart attack.

Sunflower oil contains natural energy – when you eat it, you will feel more energized. Other benefits of sunflower oil include: stopping free radicals, is an antioxidant, lowers cholesterol, promotes a healthy nervous system, reduces cardiac problems, creates new cells in your body, maintains a healthy immune system, and prevents: arthritis, asthma, colon cancer, and even other cancers. There are many benefits to adding sunflower oil to your diet as a supplement.

Another ingredients in our products is sunflower lecithin. It is a healthy alternative to soy lecithin, which has gotten a bad reputation in the health food community or people cannot consume it due to soy allergies. Also, since most soy is genetically modified, we recommend you steer away from it. Our products are all non-GMO. Sunflower lecithin is a type of phospholipid, rich in essential fatty acids that is plentiful in sunflower seeds.

In order to get the sunflower lecithin, you must dehydrate a sunflower seed. When you dehydrate it, you get three different parts: the oil, gum, and other solids. The lecithin comes from the gum part.

Besides using sunflower lecithin in food, it is also used as a nutritional supplement. It helps aid in mental recall, muscle conditioning, and maintain the nervous system. Most importantly, since it is abundant in essential fatty acids, the brain benefits the most.

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